The first time that I met Sherri Chapman, President of Platinum Technologies Inc., I spoke to her for over an hour regarding her company. She spent a very generous amount of time getting to know me, and conversely allowing me to get to know her and through her, Platinum Technologies. What struck me most in this meeting was Sherri’s passion for the company. When you hear company presidents speak they can come across as artificial and forced. With Sherri it is genuine and it translates. You believe in her vision and through her passion, it too becomes your vision. 

– JR

PTI is a very responsive and inclusive employer so you know you are always a valued member. This is a really great company to work for.

– DM

 PTI is a great company to work for. You are always treated like a person, not a worker or a number but a person. PTI is always helpful, understanding and accommodating.

– BP

 I found Platinum to be flexible in their management style and in how employee concerns or suggestions are dealt with. They work with their people in developing solutions.

– HM

 I have limited experience with civilian employers, however, I’m extremely happy with PTI. When I requested time off for medical reasons the PTI team were gracious/caring enough to facilitate. They continued to communicate with me to ensure I had everything I required and when I was well enough to return they were more than accommodating.  Thank you for everything PTI.

– PS

 After working for the Provincial Government for 35 years, this was my first attempt at working as a contractor.  PTI’s qualified staff went above and beyond to help me understand the process and listened carefully to what my objectives and priorities were.  They found me an excellent contract job with a company close to my home.  I will certainly turn to PTI when looking for future employment opportunities.

– CM